Welding Automation

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General Characteristics


Portable machine tool, also known as a orbital milling machine, intended for the wind energy sector. Its function is to correct the imperfections that exist on the surface of the flanges located at the end of the ferrules.

It has a system for fastening to the structure, with the option of adjusting to different diameters. This is ensured by hydraulic cylinders.

Together with the clamping group, it has a support arm for the milling head that is adjustable to various diameters, with the adjustment of the cutter penetration and inclination.

This solution is adaptable and positionable inside the ferrule.


Renewable Energy

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Welding Automation

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Technical datasheet

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Technical data

This information is specific for standard models. For information about special models, please contact us.

Shell diameter [mm]min. 1350 | máx. 5000min. 4200 | máx. 8500