Welding Automation

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General Characteristics


It is a milling portable machine tool which is destined to the wind energy sector, whose function is to correct rotationally the imperfections/warping that might exist at the surface of the inserts located at the edges of the wind turbine blades. The equipment is composed by two parts: the trolley and the machine itself. The machine is placed at the edge of the blade with the aid of a hydraulic elevation mechanism located in the trolley.

The fixation flaps which are placed on the inserts are driven by hydraulic cylinders. The trolley consists in a robust structure which features the electrical panel, a hydraulic unit, the equipment control system, etc.


Renewable Energy

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Welding Automation

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Technical datasheet

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Technical data

This information is specific for standard models. For information about special models, please contact us!

Min. diameter of the blade [mm]1870
Max. diameter of the blade [mm]2470
Rotation speed [rpm]0.15 @ 50 Hz
Diameter of the milling head [mm]160
Weight [ton]6.5