Welding Automation

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General Characteristics


Motofil's roller beds were designed for the positioning and rotation of cylindrical structures (ex. wind towers, cisterns, tubes, pipes... ) to assist different processes like SAW or MIG/MAG, painting or assembly.

The self-aligning roller beds are ideal for production of units with different diameters. With this equipment the process of adjustment is much easier and quicker.

The rotation of the structures is driven by AC engines of variable speed. The adaptation to the diameter is automatically done by the oscillating structures. To increase the efficiency of the equipment we can add some rails to the roller beds to facilitate their movement in floor space.

We are able to produce self aligning roller bed with load capacity up to 400Ton.

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Technical data

This information is specific for standard models. For information about special models, please contact us!

RotationDriven or induced
Load capacity [Ton]30 - 400
Diameter [mm]1000 - 10500
OptionsTranslation, ATEX protection, anti-screw system, remote control