Plasma cutting

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General Characteristics


Our Plasma Cutting Machine - FELINE - was developed to cut metal sheets with great quality and efficiency, using plasma.

The equipment consists of a cutting table and a gantry on rails, integrated in a compact structure, allowing its quick installation and start-up. It adapts easily to limited industrial spaces, presenting a structure of reduced dimensions.

This plasma cutting equipment has a high performance comparable to larger plasma cutting machines. It can be as faster and safer, in the execution of high precision cuts. This plasma cutting machine cut metal sheets of different types such as carbon steel or aluminum.

This equipment is suitable for cutting materials with medium thickness while maintaining high quality.


Plasma Cutting

Preferable to CO2 laser cutting process for materials with thicknesses higher to 6mm;

Capable of cutting a wide range of materials and metals in various thicknesses, including ferrous and non-ferrous materials, oxidised, painted or scraped metal;

High speed on thin to medium thicknesses plates;


Low cost in consommables such as torches, tubes, regulators, etc., which are relatively cheaper;

The waste of material is very reduced, and in turn, there is no need to proceed to its treatment.



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Plasma cutting

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Technical datasheet

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Technical data

This information is specific for standard models. For information about special models, please contact us!

ModelsFELINE 1530FELINE 2040FELINE 2060
Length [mm]500060008000
Width [mm]290029002900
Height [mm]200020002000
Cutting nominal length [mm]300040006000
Cutting nominal width [mm]150020002000
Power [A]100200200

Plasma cutting thicknesses (Thermal Dynamics Generator)

Cutmaster A-Series 40  60  80 120
Power [A]406080120
Mild steel [mm]5121520
Stainless steel [mm]5121215
Aluminium [mm]5121515


 Ultra-Cut XT      100200      
Power [A] 100200 
Mild steel [mm] 1225 
Stainless steel [mm] 1225 
Aluminium [mm] 1220 


Auto-Cut XT          100  
Power  [A] 100         
Mild steel [mm] 25 
Stainless steel [mm] 25 
Aluminium [mm] 25