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Motofil celebrates 40 successful years in the metalworking industry

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With the motto “40 years of building the future”, the company takes a moment to discuss the next steps for the company.

MOTOFIL started its activity in a small pavilion in São Bernardo where it produced electric motors and enamelled wire, focusing mainly on the Portuguese market. 40 years later, the company moved to Ílhavo, created an industrial complex with 260,000 m2, produces various types of industrial equipment using different technologies and exports to the whole world. With branches in Spain, Brazil and Mexico and a network of partners spread across several continents, more than half of Motofil's sales are focused on exports.

João Carlos Novo, Chairman of MOTOFIL, looks at these forty years with pride, but guarantees that the company will not stop here. “The goal for the coming years is to grow”, João Carlos Novo says, “is what I have said in recent years and what I will continue to say as long as I think Motofil has not yet reached its full potential. I believe, and I hope, to see Motofil take an even greater leap in terms of growth over the next 10 years. If until now we focus on building factories, the next few years will be focused on developing new products and consolidating some markets."

Looking at an international view, João Carlos Novo points out that the desire is to conquer 20 or 30 more countries, “a new country each year, for the next few years. We know that it is not an easy challenge, especially considering the current situation in which we live, but we will not stop fighting for it. With the successful cases in Brazil and Mexico, I think we have the necessary knowledge to replicate the success in other markets.”

Regarding the team he has with him along this road, João Carlos Novo, recognizes that he has been lucky “to have the right people by my side, both in Portugal and around the world. It is due to the work, effort and commitment of all of us that Motofil was able to achieve what it has already achieved. ”

To mark this 40 years, Motofil launched the first podcast, in Portuguese, about the Metalworking Industry and the various production processes. The podcast will feature conversations with various guests to discuss current industry topics.

The podcast will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and SoundCloud and also, on video with english subtitles, on our Youtube channel. Subscribe and stay tuned for all releases.

The 1st episode will be launched today, at 9 pm, and the guest is the Chairman of Motofil, João Carlos Novo.


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