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[EN] Oxyfuel and plasma: two technologies in one machine?

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[EN] The DRAGOm is a cutting machine that can combine oxyfuel and plasma, which gives it a great versatility that can be used by a wide range of industries, from general metalworking to wind energy.

In the previous article we explored the differences between oxyfuel and plasma cutting technologies; in this one we are going to analyze a machine that combines these two technologies: the DRAGOm.

With great versatility, this CNC thermal cutting machine from Motofil can incorporate plasma torches, oxyfuel torches, or both at the same time. This feature gives it a high cutting range, allowing being able to cut a wide variety of metals, doing the work of two machines in one.

The two technologies, despite being used in different applications, complement each other, and thus present several advantages:



  • In addition to cutting, a drilling station can also be integrated, allowing the machine to drill with extreme precision;
  • Capable of cutting a wide range of metals of various thicknesses, including ferrous material, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. can be used on oxidized or painted metal;
  • High speed cuts in thin and medium thickness plates;
  • Low consumable costs: torches, nozzles, ceramics, etc;
  • The waste of material resulting from the cut is very low and, therefore, there is no need to treat the metal after the cutting.


  • Ideal for cutting carbon steel sheets with thicknesses above 40mm;
  • Optimized and economical use of the multiple torches (e.g., it can perform mirror/symmetrical cutting);
  • Diversity of fuel gas options to use (e.g., propane, natural gas, acetylene, etc.);
  • High speed cuts in thick plate;
  • It’s a technology of easy learning and operation.

In addition to the cutting torches, a drilling unit can be added, allowing the machine to drill with extreme precision different diameters.


Who uses DRAGOm?

This is a modular cutting solution used in various industries to produce parts for the most diverse equipment, such as:

  • Wind Energy: in this area, for example, it is responsible for making the chamfers that close the various ferrules that make up a wind tower;
  • Shipbuilding: in the manufacture of parts for the construction and repair of ships;
  • Metallic Construction: sheet metal processing for the construction of industrial halls, components for metallic bridges and public works in general;
  • Lighting Equipment: light poles, highway signs, etc;
  • Agriculture Equipment: sheet metal processing to make various components for agricultural machinery, such as trailers, skids, milling cutters, subsoilers, etc;
  • Boiler work and General Metalwork: boilers, high pressure boilers, guards, cisterns, tanks, etc. Sheet metal cutting to later be modeled and welded.


Many of these sectors, in addition to regular cutting, also use beveled plasma cutting (equipment and boiler work construction), beveled oxyfuel (wind power) and drilling (equipment construction and precision metalwork).

If you want to go beyond cutting flat sheets, DRAGOm can also incorporate technology for cutting round, square and rectangular tubes.

Get in touch with us to see how can our DRAGOm fit your production.


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