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[EN] Aluminum Welding: All you need to know

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[EN] Is aluminum welding still a problem? In this article you will find all the answers to the most recurring questions when it comes to aluminum welding.

Is welding aluminum difficult?

It’s not more difficult to weld than other metals, but aluminum's characteristics make it necessary to use some more specific methods during its welding.


What difficulties can I find welding aluminum?

Aluminum is a metal with some special characteristics. To guarantee that the weld is not affected by deformations, cracks or lose color, it is necessary to take some special care during this process.


What are the options for welding aluminum?

It is important to understand which type of welding is most suitable for your work and how you can improve this process. But in general, the most common options are TIG/GTAW or MIG/GMAW 


What advantages can robotic aluminum welding bring me?

Robots are very accurate and have a very consistent work rate. They do not show fatigue when the production rate is high and they can be turned off when production, due to some misfortune, needs to stop.

When compared to manual welding, robotic welding has a higher welding quality, flexibility and generates less waste.


Which industry sectors already use automated solutions to weld aluminum?

Several sectors have been working in automate their production for a long time: cycling, automotive, mechanical furniture, construction, and cistern sectors are just some examples.


What do I need to do to automate my production?

It's very easy, just contact us. We are here to support you and improve your production with our top quality solutions combined with more than 40 years of experience in the automation market.


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