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How to automate the production of aluminum parts?

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To improve productivity and maximize profits, industries that work with aluminum, be they cycling, metallic furniture, construction material or cisterns, are now pointing to production automation solutions.

Cyclist and Automotive Sector - 5-Axis H-Table Welding System

Its configuration with 5 servo-controlled rotation axes, synchronized with the robot, gives it great freedom of movement, thus achieving optimized accessibility to the welding points.

This 5-Axis H-Table positioner was designed for a high production volume and more efficient cycles. It is an ideal equipment to produce bicycle components, such as frames, but also parts for the automotive sector, parts with complex geometry and hard-to-reach solder points.


Metallic Furniture – Monoblock System of various sizes

The Monobloc Systems are robotic MIG/MAG welding cells, consisting of a welding robot and two positioners, thus creating two working areas. The system components are all integrated into a single structure, which facilitates its installation and change of location in the factory.

All elements are built into the system to ensure greater longevity, making it suitable for the simultaneous production of two or more differentiated products. This equipment is ideal for welding parts of hospital furniture, metal structures, electrical cabinets, among others.


Construction Material - Noria Positioner

Noria Positioner was designed for the effective and efficient welding of large parts. Servo-controlled axes can be fully synchronized with robot movements, which allows for increased welding speed. It is possible to integrate up to 4 robots, including manipulation robots for the positioning of parts without the need for tools/templates.

In the construction industry, the Noria Positioner is ideal for the manufacture of plank scaffolding, protection barriers, safety barriers, metal formwork, props, concrete mixers, among others.


Tanks - Welding Column

The welding column, complemented by two rotating positioners, is a solution for welding aluminum tanks. Its servo-controlled positioners were designed for the rotation of tanks.

This solution fits into Motofil's special projects, with an integrated robot support column (rotated at 180 degrees) and two sets of rotary positioners, each representing a workstation, allowing for great efficiency. This equipment is ideal for handling and welding metal parts with large dimensions and demanding welding points.

The Inevitability of Automation

In recent years, especially in Europe, the industry has suffered deep changes. More and more jobs linked to industry are of less interest to the population, who, with the increase in education levels, are opting for another type of work that is less physical and with a different social visibility. This is stopping the renewal of some professions.

With the recent rise in the prices of transportation and raw materials, the European productive sector began to strongly feel the consequences of the relocation of its production to other countries.
In short, the lack of specialized workers, such as welders and sanders, together with the urgent need for European countries to re-industrialize, opens the doors of companies to automation solutions that can solve these two problems.


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