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General Characteristics

The robotic welding cell consists of six work stations. Stations one and two consist of two fixed tables next to a six-axis manipulator robot. Both station three and station four have a lathe positioner. The fifth station is used for loading and unloading, as well as the final finishing of the pieces, with a fixed table. At station six, we have a two-axis orbital positioner.

The two welding robots can move along a gantry and access all the station.

The welding programs are made using the Roboguide software, which perfectly represents the cell in three dimensions. This software helps to program on computers without stoping production. The goal is, through the help of dynamic frames, to be able to program 100% of the piece in Roboguide.

This type of solution is ideal for companies with great customization of their products where it is necessary to constantly adapt the welding programs.



The various stations allow multiple tasks to be performed simultaneously;

Great productivity (many parts in the shortest possible time) and great flexibility (possibility to manufacture many different references with quick adjustments);

Work areas designed for welding small parts to complete chassis.



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