Welding Automation

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General Characteristics


The welding process can be made by a welding device integrated optionally on the machine;
For support and better positioning of the shells, the equipment is also composed by a set of peripherals named railcars: one simple fixed, one simple mobile and one double mobile optional;
The equipment has a robust structure, in form of “C”, for an easy access to the interior of the shells.


Renewable Energy

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Welding Automation

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Technical datasheet

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Technical data

This information is specific for standard models. For information about special models, please contact us!

Shell diameter [mm]min. 650 | máx. 5000min. 1800 | máx. 600min. 1800 | máx. 12000
Thickness of the shell [mm]3 - 2510 - 7015 - 140
Shell length [mm]min. 1000 | máx. 2000min. 1500 | máx. 4000min. 1500 | máx. 4000
Load capacity [ton]100100100