Robotized Welding

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General Characteristics


MOTOFIL's 3 axis welding positioner is a solution prepared for different types of welding (MIG/TIG/SPOT).

It has a single workstation to ease the operation and shorter work cycles. While the welding robot works on one side, the operator may be loading/unloading parts on the other.

Our standard models are prepared for maximum load capacities of  300kg or 600kg.

This robotic welding positioner consists of a unique structure that provides rigidity to the equipment and protection of all its components. In addition, this configuration ensures greater space savings and facilitates transport and set-up (less than 8 hours).

This equipment is ideal for welding:

Parts for the automotive sector (pedals, seats...), components for bicycles, fire extinguishers, metal parts with complex geometry, among others.



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Robotized Welding

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Technical datasheet

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Technical data

Max. payload [Kg]300600
Max. welding diameter [mm]10001000
Distance between points [mm]15001500 - 2000
Loading station22

All models are equipped with pneumatic actuation curtains and safety metallic protections.
Optional: nº. of robots; welding process; welding jigs.