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Wind tower production: one partner, all solutions

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As the need increases and technology advances, wind towers are getting taller and more robust, which makes their production more challenging. It is therefore crucial that production solutions are able to keep up with these developments, ensuring high quality and efficiency.

With the setting of increasingly demanding targets for the production of renewable energy and the consequent growth of the wind energy market, there is an increasing demand for larger and more efficient equipment for the production of wind towers. This is where Motofil comes in as a partner with specific solutions for all stages of wind tower production, onshore and offshore.


What will you find in this article?

1. Bigger and better solutions
2. Motofil, one partner all the solutions


Bigger and better solutions

By 2021, 29,234 wind towers were installed worldwide by 30 wind tower producers. However, this figure is still far from ideal to achieve the estimated figures for 2030.

In order to increase their production, wind tower manufacturers have two options: optimize their production to produce more towers with the same resources or increase the size of the towers produced (focus on offshore towers).

With these challenges in mind, Motofil has been developing solutions for the wind energy sector that aim not only to increase its customers' productivity but also to keep up with the increasing diameter of wind towers.

One of the first equipments developed with this purpose was the DRAGOm Multiprocess, a large-sized thermal cutting equipment. Besides being a versatile equipment in which plasma and/or oxy-cutting systems can be added, it consists of cutting tables with a module configuration, which allows the useful cutting area to be adjusted according to the customer's needs. This solution allows production optimization while keeping up with the growth in size.

Besides DRAGOm Multiprocesses, Motofil has a complete range of turnkey solutions for all stages of the production process developed according to the needs of each client.

Motofil, one partner all the solutions

From project definition to installation and later assistance and maintenance, Motofil provides a set of solutions in order to guarantee the best solution for the client's challenge.


  1. Project definition

Whether there is a pre-defined project or just an idea, our technical team is available to work together with the client in order to develop the best set of solutions for the intended goal. Moreover, Motofil's team allied to the company's productive capacity (vertical integration) allows a greater openness to new projects and challenges, whatever their dimension.


  1. Equipment production

From sheet cutting to final surface treatment, Motofil is able to provide solutions for the various stages of wind tower production.

In the product range we can find products such as roller turners (oscillating, fixed and fit up) for the rotation and alignment of ferrules, flange grinding machines and orbital insert grinders for the surface treatment of ferrules, paint positioners, welding columns for the joining of ferrules and many more. All of this equipment has been developed to be optimal options for both onshore and offshore log manufacturing.


  1. Training and technical assistance

Besides accompanying the project development, Motofil also provides technical assistance, training, maintenance and inspection services. In this way, we can guarantee the proper operation of the equipment, during its useful life and anywhere in the world.


Do you have a new wind tower production project or want to increase your production? Contact us and don't miss this opportunity to give your contribution for a more sustainable world.


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