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4 Maintenance tips for Laser Cutting Machines

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The productivity of any equipment depends on its use and maintenance. In this article, you can learn about four essential maintenance tips for your laser cutting machine.

The productivity of any equipment depends on its use and maintenance. In the case of Laser Cutting Machines it is important to pay attention to the maintenance recommendations of the equipment manufacturer to avoid detecting any malfunction too late.

In the text below, are some general maintenance tips for laser cutting machines that will help to extend the life of the equipment and prevent production breakdowns.

Equipment maintenance must be carried out by the operator who uses the equipment daily and who has been trained to do so, given the fragility of certain components.

If your using a Laser Cutting Machine developed by Motofil - MFL -, all essential components are easily accessible in order to facilitate their maintenance and eventually correction.

In addition to the importance of keeping the work area free of dust, to prevent it from entering the equipment and impairing the cut, it is also important to keep other components clean such as linear guides, motors or racks. In order to keep them functioning properly, it is important to keep them free from rubbish or metallic dust and, if necessary, properly lubricated.


Before any intervention on the cutting head components, it is important to carefully clean the head with a soft cloth and clean the surrounding area to prevent the entry of garbage.

In order to guarantee the precision of the cut, the ceramic ring and nozzle must be replaced daily. If the nozzle is damaged by the laser beam or after a collision, it must be promptly replaced.

The protection window cartridge must also be checked. If the protection window is dirty, it does not allow the light beam to pass correctly, which will hinder your productivity. To do this, carefully remove the protective window and remove any dirt with a clean air blower. If the window cannot be completely cleaned or damaged, it must be replaced.

Attention: All components of the cutting head must be handled with care due to their fragility.



Clean the dust collection baskets daily. In case of intensive use of the filter, the baskets should be cleaned several times during the day. The cleaning cycles of the dust collection baskets are defined by the operator according to the machine's workload.

In the case of AEROm filters, used in Motofil laser cutting machines, after 1500 working hours it is necessary to clean the chamber (cartridge area) and replace the cartridges. After 6000 hours it is necessary to replace the solenoid valves.


Given the technical strength of the components of laser cutting machines, it is always important to maintain a schedule of preventive maintenance, with a certified entity. These maintenance should be used to check other essential points that, due to their technical component, cannot be verified by the equipment operator.


Motofil recently launched a new 3-year maintenance contract. The contract consists of a visit by a specialized Motofil technician in order to perform the necessary maintenance service in order to keep the equipment in perfect working condition. To find out more about this service, contact us.


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