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COVID-19 - Preventive Measures


Acting in a fundamental sector of supply the industrial market and guaranteeing this supply chain, Motofil, taking into account the current situation of COVID-19, has implemented new preventive measures in its Contingency Plan, to avoid the risk of contagion.

Dear Partners,

Motofil asks all its stakeholders to use digital technology as the primary source of contact, thus avoiding unnecessary risks and acting preventively in compliance with the World Health Organization (https://www.who.int/) current recommendations.

The ensure the safety of all our employees, customers, partners, suppliers and family members is the main focus of our decisions, so the following rules must be taken into account:

  1. People outside out our team have conditioned access to its facilities;
  2. Possible entry to the premises is only made with prior authorization and the wearing of a mask and gloves is mandatory before entering Motofil’s facilities;
  3. Physical contact must be avoided, keeping a minimum distance of two meters at all times;
  4. Hands should be disinfected whenever necessary;
  5. Visitors must go directly to their destination without further stops along the way.

We reinforce that outside persons are not allowed to enter and circulate without protection (mask, gloves and disinfection before entry).

"Your prevention is everyone's safety!"

Waiting for your understanding,
The administration


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