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[EN] Motofil receives the visit of the Polish Ambassador in Portugal


Motofil received the Polish Ambassador in Portugal, Jacek Junosza Kisiekewski, and Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency Chief Officer, Dariusz Duda.

In the end of 2017, Motofil assumed that 2018 would represent a changeover in its commercial strategy. Its purpose was the increase of business partners stablished on strategic locations all over the world, extending its distributor network. Having this goal in mind, Motofil started its negotiations with Roboty Przemyslowe Ltd., regarding the exclusivity representation of Motofil on polish market. In more or less 6 months, the two companies had already developed together 5 welding robotics cells. All manufacturing process was made by Motofil, the installation was executed by both companies, and technical assistance was assured by Roboty. With this partnership, by the end of 2018 Poland was the 5th country with more sales of Motofil.

João Carlos Novo, Motofil’s CEO, proudly highlighted that “the visit of the Polish Ambassador to Motofil reinforces the credibility that is our strategy for the Polish market. This market has shown us a very interesting potential and, together with our partner, we have been able to open many doors in a short time.” João Carlos Novo took the opportunity to make a plea to the Ambassador in order to facilitate processes by reducing bureaucracy that many times create barriers to development of big and innovative projects.

Also Mateusz Paw, Roboty Przemyslowe’s representative, referred that “this is a special occasion that allows us to show what we‘ve done and what we’ll do [with Motofil] during this year. As the Ambassador referred, Portugal and Poland are not geographically close, and these partnerships enable, that quality products, such as Motofil’s, enter in our market. This is a first milestone in our still short partnership, but certainly, won’t be the last.”

By its turn, the Polish Ambassador, Jacek Junosza Kisielewski, thanked the invitation and the way he was received by Motofil’s and Roboty’s representatives and he expressed his satisfaction with Motofil’s investment, referring that “it’s very interesting to visit such a very ambitious company willing to work on the Polish market. We need cooperation between both countries and the best practice is direct contact between Portuguese and Polish companies. Together we can do a lot for both countries.”

With this visit, both guests had the opportunity to visit Motofil’s facilities, meeting its industrial robotics, thermal cutting and machining sectors, whose productive capacity surprised them. The visit ended with a brief meeting, in which the parties involved discussed mutual strategies for next years.


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