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General Characteristics

This equipment is destined to Beam Welding Automation. With robotic welding, this machine can use MIG/MAG or SAW to weld profiles and beams of variable or constant sections with I, H and L formats. It features four components: car, column, arm and two welding heads.

The car supports the structure and moves upon rails according X axis. The arm which is supported by the column and carries the welding head, moves through linear guides vertically (Z axis) and horizontally (Y axis), allowing the adjustment for a correct welding position.

The column allows a rotation in 180º. The heads are equipped with an automated tracking of high-precision joint system and the system drives are guaranteed by AC engines of variable speeds and high robustness.

This is the right solution to increase the production capacity of steel beams.



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Technical datasheet

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Technical data

This information is specific for standard models. For information about special models, please contact us!

Arm's stroke (Y) [mm]220037003880
Column's stroke (Z) [mm]140014001400
Max. height [mm]395039503950
Length of the arm [mm]258040804650