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Podcast "Pontos por Soldar" | João Carlos Novo, Chairman of Motofil

Podcast, Metalwork Industry

To start this podcast, “Pontos por Soldar”, MOTOFIL received its Chairman, João Carlos Novo as a guest, to talk about the growth of Motofil in this past 40 years and his perspectives for the future.

You can listen the full episode on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud or Deezer and watch it on our Youtube channel. Below, you can read the highlights of this conversation.

André Ferreira (AF): How does MOTOFIL - Motores e Fios SA grows to MOTOFIL SA, with delegations in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, equipment spread all over the world. A group that is in the Metalwork industry, in Aeronautics, in the Automotive industry... How did this happen over these 40 years?

João Carlos Novo (JCN): (...) this was the result of a lot of work, some needs and some of our agility and cleverness, essentially from some people that we had in the team, that were able to look to the needs and find solutions for our customers (...) a customer requested a special machine and that was the trigger for us to jump to what Motofil is today (...) we had to be a little creative in the old fashion way, with very rudimentary systems (... ) we started to explore the Iberian market, Portugal and Spain and easily became the biggest player in Portugal for robotics.

AF: Does robotics replace the human worker?

JCN: No. Robotics came to help our workers, to facilitate tasks. Robots are not going to take any jobs away from anyone, on the opposite, there is a lot of work that used to be done based on physical effort that certainly we, our children, our grandchildren, are not willing to do what our ancestors did and it is obvious that these tasks have to be facilitated. In addition to making our teams, our companies more professional, we make them more competitive with optimization, the robot is part of it.

AF: Is internationalization very important for Motofil?

JCN: Yes, it is important for Motofil, for any company that wants to grow. Internationalization is not easy, it is a big risk, it takes a lot of courage, a lot of determination (...) it is not something that starts today to be successful tomorrow (...) we were lucky to find the right people, essentially the important thing about all this is the teams that we take out there (...) without money nothing is done, without availability neither. Without sacrifice, then, nothing is done.

AF: What is your opinion about of the metalworking industry in the last 15 years?

JCN: The metalworking industry in Portugal, and let's talk only about our Portuguese market, has already undergone 2 or 3 transformations. We had a team, or in fact, a company run by 2 very successful brothers who were the fathers of the transformation of metalworking in Portugal (...) today there are too many metalworkers, they are individualized (...) the only way to grow in any way is to come together and become stronger. 

AF: Would you like to leave a message, not only for those who listen to us, but also for the industry, for customers, for our employees?

JCN: (...) I believe in the team we have. This is due to those who have accompanied me over the years and some have been a big part of life, so this is also theirs.

“Pontos por Soldar” is a podcast produced by Motofil that aims to discuss the various topics related to the Portuguese industry, more specifically the metalworking industry.

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