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[EN] WindEurope 2019: Motofil aims to contribute to a greener Europe

Salons, WindEurope

Motofil has been enhancing its role on the wind energy sector. After participating in WindEnergy Hamburg last year, Motofil decided to be present at WindEurope 2019 Conference & Exhibition that happened in Bilbao, from 2 to 4 of April.

Europe established the goal to make wind energy its main source of energy until 2030. This commitment represented an opportunity for companies to invest in the development of products to make Europe even “greener”. WindEurope 2019 Conference & Exhibition served as a meeting point for companies to demonstrate how they can contribute to achieve this goal. Motofil couldn’t miss this chance to be side by side with these companies and show why it’s the right partner for manufacturing automated solutions destined to wind energy sector.

In addition to its solutions’ versatility, the great advantage of Motofil for wind energy sector is the ability to control the entire manufacturing process chain (engineering, production, assembly, set-up). By monitoring all risks on production process, Motofil can introduce the needed improvements, allowing it to better answer to market challenges.

Carlos de la Hoz, Motofil Iberica Sales Representative, the purpose of the participation on this trade show was clear, “promote Motofil’s wind energy products and present all its advantages.” Although this trade show gathers a smaller number of visitors compared to others in which Motofil participates, the company managed to receive a good number of qualified visitors who showed willingness “in starting a collaboration with Motofil in future projects.”

Motofil’s presence in wind energy market has been growing quickly, strengthening its role regarding the development of new solutions for companies to improve its production process.

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