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[EN] Motofil announces a partnership with Anadirobtic


Motofil announced a strategic partnership with ANADIROBTIC, that is also headquartered on Ílhavo (Portugal) and its destined to the development of automated solutions.

This partnership aims to ally Motofil’s productive capacity with ANADIROBTIC’s know how, quality and reliability regarding sanding and polishing.

João Carlos Novo, Motofil’s CEO, considers this partnership as a reinforcement of the team already stablished, “which is a new start for us on the sanding and polishing sector. This company combined with Motofil’s growth policy results in the investment of three new business areas which are deburring, polishing and handling. This partnership is an added value joining complementary business areas to the ones we were already working with”.

Paulo Silva, ANADIROBTIC’s CEO, underlines that “the goal of this partnership is the complementarity of both companies, offering the market a set of broader-based solutions regarding metal processing manufacturing, not forgetting handling activities. We want to grow in a more sustainable way”.

ANADIROBTIC it’s a company focused on the development of automation solutions. Founded in 2008, this company is committed to the development of Sanding, Polishing, Handling, Robotics and Special Equipment, counting with the experience of highly qualified workers seeking to present the best and most flexible offer in terms of its clients’ needs. Anadirobtic provides the market products based on the best technology, which aims to resolve some of the most urging gaps in the market. It embraces the ability to project and install turnkey solutions, control and production supervision software, performing a previous simulation in a 3D platform and with a pre-installation in their facilities, in order to be validated by the client.


Address: Zona Indutrial das Ervosas, Rua das Ervosas Nº24, 3830-003 Ílhavo, Portugal

Telephone: +351 231 511 506




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